Sunday, November 11, 2012

Election Day

Tuesday was Election Day in America.  After what seems like years of negative campaigning and attacks by all political parties, it is finally over, and President Obama was elected for four more years of service.

Now can we please move on as a UNITED nation?

Football Saturday was satisfying.  The Gamecocks won their final conference game of the season, stomping Arkansas.  In other shocking news, top-ranked Alabama was upset by SEC newcomer Texas A&M.  And who said conference expansion was a good idea.  Slim chances of another SEC national championship now.

A big shout out to former coworker and friend, Kelly O.  Met up with her Thursday night for Happy Hour at the P.F. Chang's here in Mt. Pleasant.  The place has been open for over a year now, but that was my first visit.  Fun time, and always great catching up with her!

Tomorrow is yet another trip to Charlotte.  This is probably going to seem like a VERY long trip as there is major reorganization going on at the bank.  And that always mean chaos.  Hopefully it will all be for the greater good, but I'm taking extra Advil for the short-term headaches.

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