Saturday, June 15, 2013


Saturday, and time for a haircut.  Other than that, I'm finding it hard to get motivated.

Distracted by thoughts of moving to tropical locations...

Going to "Shagging on the Cooper" tonight with mates.  No, that is not the British version of shag.  I'm referring to the state dance of South Carolina.

Should still be fun though : )

What a dull week though.  Seriously.  I need to get more creative re:life instead of bitching about nothing being on television.  At least Wimbledon starts soon.  And "Dexter."

And finally, congrats to the Gamecock baseball team for another great season!  Unfortunately they fell a little short this year, ending their season to North Carolina in the Super Regional (3 games).  But still, what a great rebuilding year.  Now I guess I have to pull for my friend Carolyn's L.S.U. Tigers in the College World Series...

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