Tuesday, September 28, 2010


First of all, just a word of warning. I'm notorious for accidentally ruining surprises, so just assume that everything on my blog is a spoiler. At the rate it's going right now, I'm not keeping up with my shows in a timely manner, so I'm probably the last to know.

I finally caught this week's episode of "Dexter" last night. Maybe it was my frame of mind, but I was not overly enthralled. To be honest, after years of Rita getting on my last nerve, I was kind of sad to see her go. I don't know if there's anything they could have done differently to transition the two seasons, but I'm ready for them to jump into action with this season.

Things I found interesting...

Dexter telling the kids their mother had been slaughtered. While he was wearing a Mickey Mouse hat. How freaking twisted is that?

I cannot believe Deb boinked Quinn. I know people react differently to stress and grief, but they had just finished cleaning up Rita's blood from the bathroom. How does that make one horny? And he's such a DOUCHE! I really could have done without the nasty little ass-shot featuring his low-rise man-tan.


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